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Women like Julian Wilson is face. It looks like something someone would chisel from marble. That¡¯s his money-maker, after all. But in his third round heat at J-Bay, that chiseled mug was almost shattered. Almost. Really, he just scraped his forehead a bit, and everyone moved on. Watch it happen at 2:24:15 in the video above, and watch his interview at 2:53:15. He came out of it pretty much unscathed, but just imagine! The world¡¯s most handsome surfer turned into a hideous, malformed creature of the night at the same spot where the world¡¯s most handsome surfer valiantly paddled out to save Mick Fanning from a shark attack almost exactly one year ago!

I was just finished the wave, Julian explained, and I knew I was in the shallow part of the reef.I thought I was pulling out to avoid going too far in. As soon as I went to duck my head under to shoot out the back, there was no water underneath the whitewash. So I just went straight face into the barnacles.

Going straight face into the barnacles isnot good for one is forehead. Just ask Keala Kennelly, owner of what is perhaps the most hard-to-look-at injury in surfing, aside from what happened to Tom Carroll¡¯s butt hole back in ¡¯87. Suffice it to say, Julian¡¯s face could have been a lot worse.

Wilson Julian grew up in a family of surf on the sunshine coast, since he can remember that he is riding a wave, so it should be not shocked, he quickly put the national champion in longboarding and shortboarding.

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And latter, he is more attracted to hone to a point where the pro youth victory frequently, 2006 is the title of the world youth is a simple step. 2007 he invented his own actions called sushi roll, which (unlike it sounds so difficult) is a hybrid between the enclosure and the Superman behind.

Julian is the youngest of the performance of the year award winner of Internet voting, his part in Quiksilver three 2010 young gunman saw Julian with his own signature release tablets, scratching the surface, this is the result of one year from the interruption of the game.Over the years, Jules has won the Rip Curl Pro on all three trophies series Price Mr. Pro, and put it on the date of this wave.

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In 2015, he won the international reputation, he bravely draw Mick to competitors and close friend Fanning, he is a 12ft white in South Africa Geoff ruiwan wrestling. For his efforts, Julian won the Sports Award for the Sport Award at the Australian Hall of fame award 2015, and was recognized as an outstanding bravery in the Australian award 2015.

As we at Red Bull Surfing continue to ramp up our video programme for 2016, we're excited to launch Raw ¨C a raucous tribute to the days of old. Loud music backs louder surfing, as the world's best pull together three-minute edits of thrash and high performance.Who better to kick things off than Julian Wilson, the man annointed as Australia's next world champion, who sizzles equally sans jersey as he does in the heat of competition?

Julian has long travelled with his best mate, Jimmy Lees, a lovable rogue with a keen eye for a shot and a great ear for a tune, and the pair have curated a fine folio of film over the years, including internet showstoppers like Swamp Duck and Drive Fast And Take Chances. In keeping with the theme, Jimmy's insane new Raw edit is must-see TV.

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He wants to be one of Joe Flacco's (closing anterior cruciate ligament tear himself) division 2016 in the first target of the ball, as Steve Smith (from his Achilles tendon if he returns at the end of last season), Mike Wallace, and Kamar Aiken.

Drafting mainly by his speed is a deep threat, the Ravens just wants to keep his break through these Perriman knee problems.During Wallace's short time with the Ravens, he often in the practice of OTA, teammates and Hubble in praise about how the veteran has conducted himself and performed on the field. The Ravens will have to wait and see the impact Perriman will lead to the attack, but they have already excited about what Wallace adds."He is not only a profound threat, but he play a role, not only on the scene but on controversial penalty," Ravens security Eric Weddle said. "There is a reason why he is one of the best wide receivers in a few years ago, before the league, because he has talented, can run very fast. He has committed, he is eager to prove himself."