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Young is a start in Washington who is from high school football and track star (his 4X100 meters relay team in Maryland high school record in Pennsylvania relay) , D.C. angle of the owl's two games as a true freshman, intercepted two. In his two year, he succeeded in winning a common starting point (an interception, five passes). He became a player as a junior, pick the quarterback four times, 153 return yards and returns an interception touchdown ahead of the meeting.

Young have left his senior year before, but this did not stop him in his final battle with the owl. He maintained his lack of statistical production all Conference team 2015 (41 tackles, five losses, seven bags, but break up) this is partly due to his close against receiving ability.

Through the receiver's drive, the force at the capture point can be released from the ball. Winning skills. Seize the four interception and 14 defense 2014. The crowd gets the receiver to look for the ball. Will be violent RIP and hit the ball to prevent scratching. Comfortable bail.

Young become greedy and start beating when running large receivers. Marked five through the interference penalty for this season. Not no or minimal corner to find direction of fluid change convulsions. Path identification guessing. In the early open, sometimes in the wrong direction. The foot is awkward when the operation of the receiver is turned on. The narrow base from the mind to bring balance issues affecting his last outbreak.

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The lack of a Young will take him away from the board of directors. Although he is very small, not so much shrinkage or high speed. Soon. To make up for it, he has no decent ball skills and more powerful rival goal. He will change into slots, but the speed and the ability to separate the NFL receiver can be young and challenging.

Young Tavon, from Baltimore, the temple of the temple of the rookie corner guard, now has played four games NFL, he felt changed his position. "I didn't expect to play this morning as I am now, I'm not a rookie anymore," Young said on Sunday's 28-27 loss at the M&T Bank Stadium in Oakland." I have to act like another veteran, studying every week."

One of the achievements of NFL, give him some early notoriety in crow in their 25-20 win over Cleveland in their second game. Young trailing 20-0, the board of directors in the board of directors through the return of a blocking point for the first two points in Baltimore. "I want to spark a big team by playing," Young said.

Young was selected in the fourth round, the 104th overall choice. He has been used as a nickel angle guard to also see a lot of time for the special team. In Sunday's loss, he had two tackles and a fumble recovery. In his four 3-1 crow, Young has five tackles, one interception and a pass defensed.

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Young asked him to think of last year's 25-23 won the opponent massachusetts.umass temple in the 16 game score in the rest of the game 1:20 pass. Temple Primary praise was Oguike Martin kick back Marshall Stephaun shovel conversion, the ball is finally located in the side of things to Hayes Will, who returned the two points to defend the shoot. The temple will win the game over seven seconds remaining in the 32 game of Austen Jones.

"It's not exactly the same situation," Young said of the two defensive score, "but it's a reminder to me because it's the same type of game." Young says he's able to make as many teammates as he can with his former teammates. In August he had a rare day off from the training camp of the crow squad, and he came back to visit his former teammates and coaches."It's funny, just to see everyone, catch up and like we usually do," he said. It's great to talk to the coach, the players who make me very well and I like to give them whenever I can."